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PART 1: Age group drafting in Kona

Always a topic of much debate - "age group drafting," Daniel Clarke, in his opinion piece, looks into some common solution ideas and why they won't work. Stay tuned for PART 2.

— by Daniel Clarke

Age group drafting in Kona is a problem, and it’s not a new one. I’ve heard athletes talk about it since I started in triathlon in 2012, but it does seem to now be getting more attention.

It’s safe to say there’s no easy solution, if there was, it would be implemented. As part of my investigation into the issue, I will be doing two videos on the topic.  This video (part one) explains why it’s a problem, especially given the field in Hawaii. I also provide four common ideas on how to fix it, and why I don’t think those ideas will work.

Four Common Suggestions

  • Fewer athletes on the start line
  • A two-day event and split the field
  • Age group rolling start
  • Age group wave start

In part two (coming out Thursday, November 1st), I will share my idea on how to fix age group drafting in Kona.

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