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Top 10 savoury Greek yogurt recipes

Greek yogurt is a breakfast staple for the health-conscious triathlete. It can be incorporated into baked goods and often is utilized to make for healthier dessert-like treats. But, if those are the only ways that you’re enjoying your Greek yogurt, you’re still missing out.

Here are our top 10 savoury Greek yogurt recipes for the triathlete looking to expand their nutrition horizons.

Greek yogurt1) Roasted eggplant and tomatoes with yogurt

This recipe’s author suggests that it’s one way to amp up a weekday toted lunch.

2) Healthy salmon burgers

This recipe is proof that creamy sauces don’t have to be diet don’ts.

zucchini3) Zucchini pancakes

Now I know the premise of this list was that they would be recipes with Greek yogurt that weren’t just breakfast or granola, but this pancake recipe is one that certainly doesn’t have to be confined to your morning meal. With zucchini as the main ingredient, these pancakes are a healthy choice for any time of day and have the added bonus of being gluten free.

4) Shredded rainbow salad with Greek yogurt caesar dressing

While we love the brightly coloured veggie combination this recipe has going on, this dressing can be used to flavour any variety of salad bases.

5) Roasted eggplant and carmelized onion over Greek yogurt

This recipe, simply, takes Greek yogurt to a whole new level.

6) Lemon chicken salad with fresh dilllemon-chicken-salad_thecozyapron_05-08-15_1

This chicken recipe is fresh, summery and light. It can be served in a whole grain pita, as a green salad topper, or on it’s own with a veggie side dish.

7) Roasted garlic hummus

This hummus recipe is made extra creamy by Greek yogurt. Teamed up with chickpeas, it makes for a great source of vegetarian protein.

potato8) Twice-baked potatoes with Greek yogurt

Who can resist a twice baked potato? With Greek yogurt taking the place of sour cream, this recipe gets a healthy makeover.

9) Greek yogurt mac and cheese

Mac and cheese is among the most classic of comfort foods. With the help of Greek yogurt you can actually get 10 g of protein out of this comfort-turned-healthy dish. To amp up the health further, add some steamed veggies.

10) Crispy baked fish sticks with Greek yogurtFishSticks2

While we’re on the topic of comfort foods, give these crispy baked fish stick recipe a try. Perfect for the runner looking to incorporate more fish into their diet. this recipe works with halibut, cod and even salmon.