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Playlist: Indoor Ride

run IMC (1)Music is an excellent way to immerse yourself in affirmations.  I like to keep a relatively up to date playlist of songs that have a positive message that I can absorb during training.  A great playlist on repeat will keep you pumped up and positive for a race or motivated to really crush yourself during a hard trainer workout.  The following is a list of songs that I think suit this purpose perfectly.


Confident– Demi Lovato

Downtown – Macklemore &Ryan Lewis

I Don’t Like It, I Love It – Flo Rida

Power – Kanye West

Go Get It – TI

Who Gon Stop Me – Jay Z


Battle Cry – Imagine Dragons

Bangarang –Skrillex

Pumped up Kicks – Foster The People

Hold On- Moguai

Once In a Lifetime- Talking Heads