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The New Scott Plasma 4 and 5 Triathlon/TT Bikes

Sebastian_Kienle_Spyshot_Plasma_5_IM_Frankfurt_News_2014_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_1


©photo: Sebastian Kuhn / drehmomente.de
©photo: Sebastian Kuhn / drehmomente.de

Sebastian_Kienle_Spyshot_Plasma_5_IM_Frankfurt_News_2014_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_1 (1)Sebastian_Kienle_Spyshot_Plasma_5_IM_Frankfurt_News_2014_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_1 (1)Scott’s Plasma 5 was previewed before the official launch when Sebastian Kienle rode it to win the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt on July 5. Kienle broke the bike course record by almost 10 minutes on a Plasma 5 featuring a unique camouflage design. . “I did my final preparation for the race in Frankfurt on the new Plasma 5 and knew that it was fast but I did not expect it to be that fast – I’m stoked,” Kienle said after the race.

Faster With the Rider
The Plasma 5 has been designed to be faster with the rider than without. A moving rider creates a substantial influence on the airflow around the bike and ultimately on the aerodynamic performance of the bike-rider system. “The influence of the moving rider on airflow and hence frame aerodynamics is a complex phenomenon but definitely needs to be considered when pursuing the goal of developing a high-performance Triathlon and TT-bike,” explains Simon Smart, Technical Director of Smart Aero Technology and co-developer of the Plasma 5.

The Plasma 5 offers a wide range of adjustability for a perfect fit which not only results in comfort but an efficient pedal stroke. Saddle and handlebar adjustability were also essential to the design. For the handlebar design, Scott partnered with the developers of PROFILE DESIGN. Two stem and three base bar options (flat, drop and rise), adjustable spacers and compatibility with almost any extension ensure a perfect fit and flawless integration for optimal performance. Scott also added practical and performance enhancing fuel storage. “We assessed the current fuel systems on the market and soon realized that we would need to come up with a novel solution to fully meet the needs of long distance triathletes,” explains Frank Oberle, Triathlon Product Manager at SCOTT Sports.

The top-of-the line Plasma 5 HMX Carbon fiber frame is complimented by the Plasma 4 HMF  Carbon fibre platform which has been developed simultaneously and inherits multiple features of the Plasma 5. A standard fork-headtube construction and a modified frame result in a  technologically advanced Triathlon and TT bike at a very attractive price point. “For the Plasma 4  we reduced the complexity of manufacturing but still achieved a high-performance frame. Wind tunnel testing revealed that the Plasma 4 creates only 3% more aerodynamic drag compared to the Plasma 5 while featuring identical stiffness values,” explains Benoit Grelier.

Scott will offer the new Plasma in two platforms for 2015, resulting in a total of 4 models with (Canadian MSRP’s coming soon)  In addition, there will be a frameset offering for both platforms. Both models will be available in 4 different frame sizes and are expected to be in shops by December 2014.

Credit: Richard Baybutt
Credit: Richard Baybutt

For more information on the all new SCOTT Plasma 5, visit www.plasma5.scott-sports.com

Sebastian_Kienle_Spyshot_Plasma_5_IM_Frankfurt_News_2014_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_1 (1)