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Canadian Swimming Trials: Arena launches new Power Skin Carbon Series


On Monday Arena launched a new line of swimwear at the Pan Am Games Pool in Scarborough, Ont., site of the Canadian Swimming Trials this week April 1-4. The fastest swimmers in the country were on hand as they prepare to race for spots on the Pan Am Games team, the World Aquatic Championships team and the World Student Games team.

Triathletes will be excited to hear that a similar line up is planned for Arena’s triathlon division later this year.  The materials and design of the newly launched Powerskin Carbon Flex World Championship Edition and the Powerskin Carbon-Air race suits will be the basis of the tri line up as well. Now offering a complete range of racing suits, Arena is asserting itself as a front-runner in the world of  hydrodynamic swim gear. Both the Carbon Flex suit and the Carbon Pro edition offer more flexibility than the super light and super compressive Carbon Air.  The Air employs carbon technology through the integration of horizontal carbon bands into the suit’s lightweight woven fabric.The Flex and Pro options are ideal for longer distances and breast-stroke with a slight increase in flexibility through the hips, whereas the Air is a sprinter’s dream kit.

Pierre Vermette (left ) and Katerine Savard (right).
Pierre Vermette (left ) and Katerine Savard (right).

Ranked fifth in the world, Arena athlete Katerine Savard was on hand to discuss the technical aspects of the suits–wearing both, she says for different events. Arena also launched the Cobra Ultra race goggles–what they refer to as “the world’s most technological racing goggles. Low profile lenses and a blade shape makes for the ultimate hydrodynamic design,  and a thin gasket overmoulded on the lens as well as a dual silicone strap and back clip ensure stability and comfort. They are also available in mirrored options. All th new products are the result of extensive testing and swimmer feedback blending comfort and performance. Stay tuned for Arena’s new triathlon-specific line.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA