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Workout Wednesday: “You go as hard as you can”

This workout is effective, time efficient and can be done anytime in the season

— by Lauren Brandon

No matter what triathlon distance you are doing, you can certainly benefit from doing some short, but hard intervals. High-intensity intervals will help both your aerobic and anaerobic system and they are very time efficient. The following workout is only one-hour, so you can get this done at any time of the day. This workout can also be done at any point in the season because you will do the intervals at your current fitness level.  You can either do this on the trainer or outside and no worries if you don’t have a power meter, you go as hard as you can!

Workout Total: 60 minutes

  • 10 minutes easy
  • 10 minutes (5x 30 seconds hard/ 90 seconds easy) – Make each 30-second interval harder
  • 12 minutes (4x 1 minute hard/ 2 minutes easy) -Make each one-minute interval harder
  • 10 minutes (4 x 30 seconds hard/  2 minutes easy) – all 30 second intervals are hard
  • 12 minutes (3x 1 minute hard/ 3 minutes easy) – all of the one-minute intervals are hard
  • 6 minutes easy