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Workout Wednesday in the pool

Add variety to your swim workouts with some mixed 200’s

— by Lauren Brandon

We are almost halfway through the year, which means most of us have already raced and are getting ready for some summer or fall triathlon fun. You are most likely doing some longer swims to make sure you are prepared to go for your race. There are many different ways to succeed in getting those longer swims done, and one of those ways is to do a whole lot of 200’s, 20 to be exact. When you first look at the set of 20×200’s, you might be a little overwhelmed, but rest assured, it isn’t too bad. It is a pyramid of a variety of 200’s that will help make the workout go by quickly. Well, as quickly as a 4000 swim can go.

Total workout: 4000m

Rest 10-15 seconds in between each 200

If you want to swim less yardage, then choose some 200’s to complete. I would suggest a couple that have some fast swimming in it with some easier 200 sets in between.

1x 200 (choice swim)

2x 200 (25 kick w/out a board, 25 drill, 50 choice swim x 2)

3x 200 (Pull: Descend 1-3/ easy, medium, fast)

4x 200 (alternate 50 swim no free, 50 free x 2)

4×200 (All free: # 1 150 easy/50 fast, #2 100 easy/100 fast, #3 50 easy/150 fast, #4 all fast)

3×200 (25 no free, 50 free, 25 no free x 2)

2×200 (Fins: 50 fast kick/ 50 perfect free x 2)

1x 200 easy choice