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Workout Wednesday: Bike intervals

by Lauren Brandon

Apparently, it’s still winter time in a lot of North America as we have seen a lot of places get hit with more snow this past week. With race season here for a lot of people or getting very close for others, it’s a great time to get in the necessary hard bike intervals, even if it has to be done on the trainer. Instead of seeing the trainer as a dreaded workout, think of it as a great opportunity to get in specific intervals with zero obstacles (such as lights, cars, etc).

Triathlon Magazine Canada indoor Ironman bike training
Photo credit: Liberty B

A lot of people struggle to get in longer workouts on the trainer, but the following workout definitely goes by fast. This workout can be done throughout the year and your power/watts will just depend on your current fitness level. If you’re in peak shape, then the intervals will start out at Ironman pace and get faster so that you end up doing Olympic distance pace for the last interval in each round. If you’re just starting out your training, then start out at a comfortable pace and get faster so that the last interval is very hard. If you don’t use power/watts, then go by feel.

Total bike session: 2.5 hours

Warm up: 30 minutes

2x (3x 10 minutes with 5 minutes rest in between).

Take an extra 15 minutes rest after the first round of 3×10 minutes

Descend (or get faster each 10 minutes) and then repeat

  • #1 Ironman pace
  • #2 70.3 pace
  •  #3 Olympic distance pace x 2

Cool down: 15 minutes