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Training to Train Week 3

Starting March 1 we’ll be offering a 12-week training program to get you to your first triathlon. For those who need some prep time to “train to train” we’re offering a six-week primer to get you ready. Here’s week 3:

Finding a friend to train with will make it much easier to stay consistent and motivated. Photo: Getty Images

Here’s a link to the first week of the program

Here’s a link to the second week of the program

No change to our general schedule – as usual, modify as you need to to fit into your own training availability:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
off Swim Bike Run Off Swim Bike/Run
Strength Strength

Swim Workouts:

Workout #1

We’re going to work on a continuous effort this week – your goal is to swim for as long as you can without taking a break. Our goal is to get to 750 m in one go, but for now simply go as far as you can. If you need to take a break before you get there, give yourself a minute or so to catch your breath, then see how long you can go in a second interval.

Workout #2

  • 200 easy warm-up
  • 100 pull
  • 100 drill
  • 100 swim, hard effort
  • 100 easy
  • Complete twice through
  • 100 easy

Bike Workouts:

Once again, a 45- to 60-minute spin class would be perfect for your Wednesday session. If you’re on your own, try this 5 minute on/ 5 minute off set:

  • 10 mins w’up
  • 3 – 4 x 5 mins fast spin (harder effort)/ 5 mins easy spin recovery
  • 5 – 10 mins w’down

Run Workout:

This week the goal is to increase your time running, but this time we’ll take some planned breaks to try and improve your pacing. This week aim for blocks of 5 to 10 minutes of continuous running with a 1 or 2 minute walk break in between. The entire run effort should be at least 30 minutes. If you can make it to 45 or 50 mins – even better!

Transition Workout:

Last week the goal was 15 minutes of each – this week we’re aiming for 20 of each for a total of 40 minutes of bike/run activity. If that’s easily attained, add another 5 minutes each of biking, then running to your workout as an extra set.

Strength workouts:

As with last week’s program, use this link to a story as a guide to create your own circuit for the strength component of this week’s workout.

Have any questions about the program? Feel free to send those to me at kevin@triathlonmagazine.ca.

In addition to being the editor of Triathlon Magazine Canada, Kevin Mackinnon has been coaching triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers for over 30 years, helping both international stars and age group competitors reach their own level of personal excellence. www.mackatak.net