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Think about this video the next time you want to skip transition practice

The shoeless flying mount is faster... in theory

Photo by: David Guénel

One thing that makes great triathletes great is their ability to do a super fast transition from swim to bike, and bike to run. Usually their shoes are already clipped in, so they you can just jump on the bike and slip their feet in their shoes, and away they go.

Cyclocross is a little like that, in the sense that the competitors jump off their bikes, then run up and remount. The best ‘crossers in the world do almost seamless transitions, hopping on and off without losing any speed.

Wout van Aert even had to change his shoes in the middle of a race, and then powered away to catch Tom Pidcock on the final lap and take his his seventh consecutive win in Saturday’s muddy Baal, Belgium round of the X2O Trofee at the Sven Nys cycling centre.

The Belgian is probably pretty busy getting ready to try and take the rainbow jersey at the UCI world ‘cross champs in Fayetteville, Ark at the end of the month, but if he had a few hours it would be great if he offered a tutorial to some of the triathletes pictured in the video below …

Sadly, many of us have seen similar scenes at more than a few bike exits over the years. Keep watching – the adventures in transitioning get more entertaining as the video progresses.

This story originally appeared on the Canadian Cycling Magazine website.