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The Over/ Under workout

185595712This Wednesday’s workout is a variation of more classic intervals which have you run a set number of repeats of a set distance, often in the one kilometre to mile range, all at a set and specific pace.

Today’s workout is the “Over/ Under” which works on pacing and dialing in your desired race pace. It alternates between a pace that is ten seconds per km faster than race pace (X+10) and a pace that is 10 seconds slower than race pace (X-10) over shorter and longer repeats.

Begin the workout with a warm up of 15-20 minutes of easy running. Add in a few 20 second strides to get blood flowing to your muscles and elevate your heart rate. Then, on a flat stretch of road or trail, run the following intervals:

1 km at (X-10 sec) straight into
2 km (at X+10 sec) straight into
1km at (X-10 sec) straight into
2km (at X+10 sec)

Finish with a cool down of 20 minutes of easy running. The total distance of the workout will be 12 to 14 km. Be sure to be well rested and fuelled before attempting the workout and also take extra time and care to properly rest and recover after the workout.