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Incorporating strength training into your routine

A common misconception among triathletes is that doing three sports is enough. So, doing strength training or anything extra is a waste of time, especially during the triathlon season.

Jason Boivin, the assistant coach of the varsity swim team at McGill, works with some of Canada’s top student-athletes. For Jason, it’s not about going right into the weight room and deadlifting 300 pounds. It’s about improving your physical literacy and preventing injuries. By being proactive now, you will be able to continue to do the activities you love to do long into your life.

So, instead of doing 300 pound repeats of deadlifts, look to doing timed circuits; 60 seconds on, 15 seconds off. In the circuit include a range of movements. Major movements to include are, squatting, bending/hinging, upper body pushing/pulling, stability of core, carries, agility, balance and coordination, as well as incorporating unilateral exercises.

So how do you find the time?

Incorporating something new is going to take time and planning. To begin, ease into adding strength workouts. If you have to substitute a strength session into your routine for something else, consider switching out a run. Running is stressful on hip, knee and ankle joints. So, why not switch out a run for a strength session? Take that time you use for a short run in your week for a strength session. Or add on strength drills following a run session.

Once a routine has been formed look to add more variety to your sessions.