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Strava hits 100 million users

Social media training app enjoys huge growth during pandemic

Since it was founded in 2009, athletes using Strava, the social media platform used by athletes to track and follow workout and race activities, have shared over seven billion activities. The growth of the platform during the pandemic has been so huge that 2.5 billion of those activities came in the last 18 months.

Now, according to a report from endurance.biz,  Strava “has announced that over 100 million athletes have joined the platform.” Of that number, over 2,500 of the users are professional athletes.

“In the last two years, we’ve seen a tremendous shift in the importance of movement and sport in people’s lives,” said Michael Horvath, CEO and co-founder of Strava. “Strava has become the record of over 100 million athletes’ active lives, and we’re excited to continue this journey by investing deeply in our team and in developing best-in-class tools to connect athletes to what motivates them and helps them find their personal best.”

The huge growth of the company over the last few years has seen it acquire injury prevention app Recover Athletics, and will “expand the scope of its platform so that any athlete … can find the content they need to stay healthy and engaged with the Strava community.”

Strava has also announced a discount to students, who will qualify for a 50 per cent annual discount to use the platform.