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Dynamic Running Warm-ups

Ignition Fitness Tommy Sarah Feature

Here we’re going to look at several dynamic warm-ups you can use to prepare yourself for any hard running session.

We always want to use dynamic stretches before any difficult workout because several studies have shown that static stretching cold muscles will actually decrease your performance by causing temporary muscle weakness.

Just like running drills, these dynamic warm-ups help further develop neuromuscular coordination and encourage more efficient running economy.

Make sure to check out the latest article on Winter Cycling Fundamentals from Tommy Ferris of Ignition Fitness.

Here is the introduction to that article:

Conventional wisdom will tell us that in order to make gains in cycling during the off season, long hours need to be spent throughout the winter riding your indoor trainer, and often associated with this are visions of dark, windowless basements and countless DVD box sets. Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so gloomy, and it’s easy to make those big gains with shorter rides. Rather than spending all your time doing longer, slower efforts, maximize your time indoors with these shorter workouts. Don’t use the winter months to build endurance! We all love riding our bikes outdoors, so when the nice weather returns in the spring, do your long rides then.

The only time I’d ever recommend indoor sessions longer than 2.5 hours is if you’re doing an early-season iron distance triathlon and you have no choice but to do longer endurance workouts inside because of weather.

Keep your indoor sessions short, 1.5 – 2.5 hours max, and use this time instead to develop the fundamentals of good cycling: pedaling efficiency, power, and increased threshold.