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Nail your next Ironman bike split with FulGaz

Over 40 Ironman and 70.3 courses from around the world are available on this innovative cycling app

Photo by: FulGaz

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ride the course for your upcoming Ironman or Ironman 70.3 event every week or two? That way you’d know exactly what to expect and be able to dial in your gear choices for different parts of the course based on the experience from numerous rides.

Of course, that’s typically not an option – we’re not all lucky enough to live in Penticton or Kailua-Kona, so we don’t have a chance to just head out the door and ride parts of the course. But what if you could? Well, thanks to a cycling app called FulGaz, which Ironman purchased a year ago, you can now ride over 40 different Ironman and Ironman 70.3 courses from around the world, including the Ironman Canada course in the Okanagan valley, or the world championship course in Hawaii. FulGaz has been filming all the rest of the Ironman courses this year and will have those all available on the platform soon.

While other cycling platforms have offered course simulations in the past, what separates the FulGaz platform from the rest is the “real-life” quality of the experience. This isn’t a game, but much more of a ride on the course. The program uses cutting edge technology to simulate the terrain, providing a realistic virtual training atmosphere. When he first dreamed up the program, FulGaz founder Mike Clucas wanted to make the rider experience as close to real life as possible. With that in mind, the video used for the FulGaz rides is shot in 4K, providing a high-quality, augmented reality experience that is as close to being there, without actually being there.

Where Ironman athletes can derive even more benefit from FulGaz is through the pop-up tips available for the various courses that help with pre-race reconnaissance of the bike course. By the time you do get to race day, you’ll recognize different parts of the course and be prepared for any of the challenging climbs, descents or technical sections.

You don’t have to limit yourself to Ironman rides, either. The FulGaz app includes over 1,500 real-world routes from more than 40 countries, including many of the iconic Haute Route climbs from the Alps and Pyrenees. You can also import workouts from Training Peaks, or set up group rides with your friends to help keep you inspired through the winter months. FulGaz also runs group rides, including several rides leading up to this year’s Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

FulGaz offers a 14-day trial that you can extend to 30 days through this special promo code available to Triathlon Magazine Canada readers – 30DAYTRICA.

Indoor bike training has become a staple for Canadian triathletes over the years and many have turned to different cycling programs to enhance that experience. While FulGaz offers a way to remain entertained during those long indoor training sessions, it also offers some great training opportunities that can help you nail the bike leg of your next triathlon. Enhancements to the FulGaz platform coming soon will soon provide even more information that will help you prepare for your race day, including wind conditions. FulGaz has already become a gamechanger when it comes to race-day preparation, and will only add more to that experience in the months ahead.

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This story is presented by FulGaz.