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Morning Workout: Quick VO2 bike intervals

-by Lauren Bradon

Nothing like a little VO2 max set on the bike to start your day off with a bang! Short and hard intervals are a great way to improve your aerobic ability and help you to increase your power output on the bike. This is a great set that can be done in the morning before work, during a lunch break, or after work. It won’t take up much of your time, but it sure will get the job done and help you no matter what distance of triathlon you are training for.


The following set can be done on the trainer or on the road, but just make sure you are doing all-out efforts on the hard intervals and spinning super easy on the easy intervals.


Total Time: 60-75 minutes


Warm Up: 20 minutes if you’re doing a 60 minute ride or 30 minutes if you’re doing a 75 minute ride.  During your warm up, make sure you do at least 6x 15-30 seconds hard and with some easy spinning in between. You are definitely going to want to be warmed up for the set.


Main Set: 6 x 3 minutes max effort with 3 minutes easy.


Cool Down: 4-9 minutes (or longer if you can) depending on how long you want your total workout time to be