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LifeSport’s Ask the Coach?

By LifeSport Coach Louis Therien

Dear Coach,

78651203I’ve recently come down with a cold. Is it okay to continue my training program while I’m sick?

Coach Louis’s response:

It’s always around this time of year that a cold or the nasty flu bug knocks us out for a week or so. The question is, should you be training during this time? Absolutely not! If the runny nose, coughing, achy muscles, lack of energy aren’t a telltale sign that you’re sick, then I don’t know what is. Your body is trying to tell you that it needs a break to rest, recover and get better, it’s not saying keep training through the sickness and things will get better, because we all know that won’t happen.

It’s important to think long term when making decisions on whether to train or not when you are under the weather. Will doing this now really help me improve or will it only delay my recovery? Will missing one week of training because I’m sick impact my entire season? If I miss this workout will I become weak and fat? To all these questions, there is one simple answer,no. No, training through sickness won’t make you better, no, it will not set you back, and no, you won’t get weak or fat.

It’s important to trust all the previous training you have done in the past to this point and understand that missing workouts or a week will only benefit the healing process. If you lay off the training, you will recover much faster, feel better once you resume your training and also have the added benefit of extra rest for the body. Remember triathlon is not a short term process, it takes time, and thinking long term will always yield better outcomes. So next time you’re sick enjoy the rest time.

LifeSport Coach Louis Therien enjoys coaching athletes of all skill levels, in any community around the world. Contact Louis to tackle your first triathlon or to perform at a higher level. Find more tips on Twitter @LifeSportCoach