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Ironman Lanzarote 2010: One More Sleep!

Ironman Lanzarote Blog #2 Tara Norton

T’was the night before IM Lanza and all through the island, not a creature was stirring, not even the wind!  Wow, according to the weather reports, it is not going to be so windy tomorrow, and as a result will likely be a scorcher!  It will be what it will be and I know it will be a tough day no matter the outcome.  They don’t call this the toughest Ironman in the world for no reason at all.  I like the tough conditions so even if they could be tougher out there tomorrow, I will just make it tougher by going harder.

I am about to head to the press conference and then it is time to do bike check in and one more sleep.  My race preparation has been perfect and I am ready to give it my all tomorrow.  I have tons of support here and so I am feeling great.

I had a couple interviews, one with Kevin McKinnon which was fun especially when I could answer the question “What have you done differently to prepare for this Ironman?”  My answer was “proper run training” and tomorrow will tell how much better this is for an Ironman preparation!

Thanks to everyone for their supportive and good luck emails and I will report back once the race is finito.

Cheers from not so windy (which is a bit of a miracle) Lanzarote,