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Hills equal gains

Pyramid Hill Workout

It’s always a good time of the year to do hill repeats. Whether you are getting ready for a big fall race or just trying to stay in shape, hill intervals are a great way to develop strength and speed. You will also definitely get your heart rate up and work that aerobic system, so get out to a hill near you!

The following workout will work best on a long gradual hill or a treadmill where you can put it up on an incline. If you’re outside, sprint up the hill and walk/jog down. If you’re on the treadmill, then go fast for the sprint part and then stand on the side for the easy part (easy would be the same amount of time as the sprint).

Workout: 45 minutes

Warm up: 15 minutes with 3-5 strides after

Main Set: 

  • 2x 30-second hill sprint
  • 2x 60-second hill sprint
  • 2x 90-second hill sprint
  • 2x 60-second hill sprint
  • 2x 30-second hill sprint

Cooldown: 12 minutes