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Get your sprint on with these bike intervals

These intervals are easy to fit into your work week and you can do them at any point in season

Photo credit to Antoine J. Desroches

— by Lauren Brandon

We are always looking for ways to get fitter, faster, and stronger, and interval sessions are one great way to do just that. There are a lot of different types of intervals that you can do on the bike and sprints are one of my favourites. The following bike workout is 60 minutes long, so it can easily be done during the work week. It can also be done during any part of the season, but I would not suggest doing it the week before or after a race.

Workout Total: 60 minutes

Warm up: 15 minutes (include 6x 30 seconds fast/30 seconds easy – get faster 1-3 & 4-6)

Intervals: 3x 10 minutes (30 seconds sprint/30 seconds easy) with 5 minutes easy in between each round

Cool down 5 minutes (more if you need to and/or if you can ride a little bit longer).