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Build power and strength with this “grinder” indoor bike workout

This workout offers lots of "bang" for your indoor training "buck."

Last year Steve McKenna took second in the Challenge-Family World Bonus rankings. He shares one of his go-to power and strength bike workouts.

Photo: stevemckenna.net

This tough session was created by McKenna’s coach, Tim Reed and was posted on the Challenge-Family website. Find more workouts and recipes from Challenge-Family athletes and ambassadors here.


  • 15-20 minutes warm up building from zone 1 heart rate to zone 2 heart rate
  • 4 x 8 minutes as:
    • 4 minutes grinding (50-60 cadence) just under 70.3 race power
    • 4 minutes just above 70.3 race power
  • 15 minutes – Cool down
  • Bang for buck – getting both strength work in, along with some upper aerobic work
  • Getting used to pushing just above race power on tired legs (straight after a leg burning strength effort)
“This will be extremely useful in many race situations, particularly when someone is trying to break away and your legs are shagged,” McKenna says. “Thinking back to these session, its comforting at the time knowing that you can still push good power on tired legs.”