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Without a doubt, riding on the trainer is tough both physically and mentally.

Without a doubt, riding on the trainer is tough both physically and mentally. This is especially the case for those who train for the longer distances. However, the work must be done and it is a fact of life for triathletes in Canada. To make those trainer rides more bearable, and yet still get a challenging workout, there are a multitude of great videos you can use to get the job done.

CompuTrainer Real Course Videos


Real Course Videos

Combined with the CompuTrainer or Velotron, these Real Course videos provide you with an on course simulation that is the next best thing to riding on the actual course I person. Videos of all the North American Ironman races are available including the Ironman World Championships, along with some other popular races like Wildflower and Escape from Alcatraz. Many of the course videos are filmed in high definition on race day, so new 70.3 race course videos have been filmed and are in production. Your progress along the terrain in the course video gets relayed to the CompuTrainer load generator to match the demands of the course. Data such as speed, power, cadence, and Spin Scan are displayed on screen along with the video.


Erg Video

ErgoVideos make use of the CompuTrainer or Velotron, and turns it into an effective virtual reality, power based cycling tool. The new ErgVideo 3 software supports High Definition video, it allows up to 24 riders to ride against each other, it has Training Peaks metrics and power zones that can be analyzed and manipulated, ride profiles can be examined and adjusted, and it is just plain easy to use. The wide variety of videos include the legendary Col du Tourmalet East in HD, Mont Ventoux, triathlon courses like Lake Placid or Muskoka, or you can ride Criteriums, MAP intervals, or complete a Threshold test. Through their website (www.ergvideo.com), their video collection can be utilized to generate free structured training plans.



Troy Jacobson’s popular video series continues to provide a huge selection of videos, so boredom should not be an issue. There is the Fitness, Competition, and Virtual Reality Series to choose from. The latter takes you out of the studio and onto to road to experience the Iron distance courses like Lake Placid, Madison, and Louisville with Coach Troy. Cues are based on perceived exertion and/or heart rate, cadence, gearing, and videos like 22.0 Time Trialapalooza makes reference to power and the optional use of powermeter. Seven more videos are due out before the end of 2010 – including a few Irongirl videos, and a course preview of Ironman Arizona. The plan is to have each American Ironman (full or 70.3) race available on video within the next few years, and they are filming Kona this year so that course video should be out soon. “My videos are designed for any level cyclist who might not embrace technology and those who do,” said Coach Troy Jacobson. “They can pop in the video and tweak it to their own needs.”

Indoor Rider

Produced and coached by former Canadian professional triathlete Richard Pady, these videos follow a structured flow with each video progressively building on the previous ones. Access to videos requires a membership (less than $200 for the year), but once you have it you can choose to complete any ride in the library (1 hour in length – 2-3 hour rides coming in 2011). Rides are downloaded onto your computer where you can complete the ride wherever you decide to play it. You can also download rides into an iPod and complete the workout at a gym. Simon Whitfield makes a guest appearance to lead a special Maui ride. All you need is a heart rate monitor, bike trainer, and a computer to download the workouts. Power is utilized too but it is optional. Check out indoorrider.com