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Are you a typical Zwifter?

Insights on how people use the popular indoor cycling app

During the announcement on a new home screen and an expansion of the Makuri Islands hub-world called Neokyo, Zwift offered up some insights on what people spend their time doing on the platform. Here’s a look at some of that data:

  • Tuesdays are the big day – according to the company 50 per cent of active Zwifters use the platform on Tuesdays.
  • People do longer activities on the weekend, with more free rides and runs taking place on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Athletes are more likely to do workouts during the week, and do most of their racing on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.
  • The most activity is logged between 6 and 9 pm on weekdays, 9am to 12 pm on weekends.
  • Playing hookie? Friday’s spike occurs between 3 and 6 pm.
  • If you ride early, you’re more likely to be a regular – those who work out at 5 am are 20 per cent more habitual than the 5 pm crew. And, to top that off, the 5 am is the most social hour.
  • Most people ride between 35 minutes and 1:40 – that time frame makes up 70 per cent of the activities.
  • In terms of types of activities, every month 50 per cent of users train, 20 per cent compete and 80 per cent explore.


It will soon be possible to compete in some sort of race on Zwift every hour of every day. The Zwift Running League and Duathlon League are both coming back this year, and a new set of continental qualifiers will make it possible for anyone to have a path to compete at the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships.


The new expansion will feature fast, flat roads and will feature a very downtown Tokyo feel.

New Homescreen

Finding activities and getting started with them will become a lot easier thanks to a new homescreen that is in the works. In addition to the improved screen layouts, it will be easier to access more social and group activities, too. Club events are in the cards, too, taking that program to a whole new level.