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Angela Naeth: Six swim tips for a triathlon

The swim portion of a triathlon is typically where most triathletes want to improve. Many don’t come from a swim background, and it can be a case of high anxiety. The secret – swim often. I typically swim five to six days a week, varying the workout and distance. I try to get in open water swims once the weather and season allow it.

Naeth’s favourite swim set: 25-50-75-100-125-100-75-50-25 alternating between easy and hard continuous. Repeat two to three times.


  1. Find a good Masters program. Swimming with a group is key for motivation – especially when you’re getting up at 5 a.m.
  2. Find someone who can help you with your stroke.
  3. Swim often. The more you can get in the water, the more ability you have to feel the water. This is key to any good swimmer.
  4. Use fewer tools. I was up in the air on this when I first started swimming, but most recently I have found that the fewer tools I use, the more I learn how to hold water and use it to my advantage,” she says.  I love the fist drill. Put your hands in fists while you swim. See how that changes your stroke and feel of the water.
  5. Get out of the pool. Practice where you’ll race. Get into a lake or open water when the season allows.
  6. Find your rhythm. No matter what your stroke looks like, rhythm is what keeps the momentum. Find a stroke rate and rhythm that you can sustain for your entire race.