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Angela Naeth launches Gritty2gether

New app and platform designed to connect women in the endurance world of cycling, running and triathlon

Photo by: Red Bull content pool

I started the Iracelikeagirl women’s endurance team three years ago, and it has blossomed into one of the largest triathlon communities that supports over 300 women. We continue to build and grow, but want to limit the growth to 500 to keep the team cohesive. I wanted to still reach as many people and connect to as many women as I could, hence the start of gritty2gether.

It’s a community for all to learn, meet up and share the experiences as women in a private-based community. It’s all inclusive and open to any groups or team members of any teams. I personally wanted more connection with those near to me, and this app and community allows me to share my own experiences as a triathlete, meet new friends and people near me, and those going to upcoming races. It’s a branch of Iracelikeagirl that is public and open for a free network.

Lenny Ramsey and Angela Naeth. Photo: iracelikeagirl

What is it?

We are a network of women in the endurance world from beginner to veteran. Gritty2gether is a safe space to meet, chat, and learn from other like-minded women for meetups, training partners, and races. Your Gritty2gether Tribe is a free online community of women, brought to you by Angela Naeth – an active coach, professional triathlete, runner, and founder of the global women’s endurance team Iracelikeagirl

Inside Gritty2gether Gritty2gther is a place to connect, to ask questions, and get the support of like-minded women who love to get gritty : If you’re looking for a place to ask questions, find support, search for mentors, training partners, and friendships in the world of running-cycling and swimming,  then this is the community for you. You can download the app and join at https://www.gritty2gether.com

Online Community done right

This is a carefully designed and thought-out community, made to make you feel at home, a place you can trust. You can contribute, meet people, chat and share. The platform is not the community. The members are the community. I wanted a platform where your privacy is respected; where you don’t have to worry about who else knows that you’re in the group, an experience. There is also a mobile app.