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An off-season swim set

This swim workout is great for those off-season training sessions when you want to add lots of variety

— by Lauren Brandon

There is a time and a place for every type of workout, especially in swimming. One day might be an easy day that solely focuses on stroke technique, while another day involves a lot of sprinting. Another workout during your weekly swim training might be a strength day, while your final swim workout focuses on race pace. These are all important swim days that should be included in your training, but sometimes, especially during the off-season, it is nice to mix it up.

The following set includes a bunch of different aspects of swim training, and it makes your workout go by very fast. If you want to do a 4,000 m set, then you will do the following workout as written. If you want a 3,000 m set then do 10×300’s, and if you want a 2,000 m set then change it to 10X200’s. Have fun : )

Workout: 10 x 400’s- rest 20-30 seconds in between each 400

#1: 400 choice swim

#2: 400 (50 kick/50 swim) x4

#3: 400 (25 drill/50 perfect stroke/25 fast) x4

#4-#6: 3x 400’s descend 1-3 (easy, medium, fast) pull with paddles

#7: 400 (50 free/50 no free) x4

#8: 400 with fins (25 dolphin kick on your back/ 25 free/ 25 sprint free/ 25 free) x4

#9: 400 (descend each 100, so get faster after each 100)

#10: 400 choice (swim or with equipment, mix it up as you please)