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5 tips for spring riding

It is officially spring. Depending on what part of Canada you find yourself in, it may take a couple more weeks before the spring thaw takes effect, but it’s time to get your bike ready because you’ve been prepared to get off the trainer for the past two weeks.

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Here are five tips you can use to prepare for your spring rides:

Spring is here!

1) Have your gear ready to go

From your bike to kit, make sure everything is in working order and all lined up for a day (morning or evening) on the road. Being prepared is the first step to making sure you get out for your early season rides.

2) Have a route planned

Knowing the route you will be riding is a great way to have something to look forward too. Whether it’s a route that sets you up for multiple King of the Mountain (KOM) attempts on Strava, has nice flat sections to get into the TT position or includes a bit of gravel, new routes can help you get outside.

Boucle 5K (Triathlon Int. Mtl) 2017

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3) Make it a social ride

Once the weather begins to warm up, clubs and groups will start their weekly rides. Joining a training group is a great way to get ready for the triathlon season and meet new people. Plus, with the group, you can take over the entire cafe or bar at the end of your ride.

Coffee rides in North Carolina.

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4) Eat light before heading out

Whether you plan to ride first thing in the morning or the evening before supper, sitting down for a full meal can derail your riding plan. Have a snack ready to go before hopping on your bike. After, you can chow down on a bigger meal.

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5) Make it a habit

It takes a couple of weeks before routines start to become solidified, so it’s important to stick with it. Besides, outdoor riding is so much more enjoyable than the trainer.

A version of this story is on Canadian Cycling Magazine.