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3 workouts to fit around your holiday parties


It is the holiday season! While America has Thanksgiving this week, everyone else is also gearing up for a month of festivities. There’s always a lot of family time and holiday parties during the end of the year, so typically that means less time to train. For those of us who want to keep the body moving and still get in some training, it is best to have some hard, but short workouts on hand. I always find it best to get up early, get your workout done, and then be ready for the day with the family. This way you feel that you got the work you needed to done, but you are not missing any holiday fun! Here are three go to workouts that won’t take up much time.

Workout #1- Run: 30-45 minutes
Warm up: 10 minutes
Main set: 15x 30 seconds fast/30 seconds easy (either on the flats or up & down a hill)
Cool down: 10 minutes

Workout #2- Bike: 60 minutes
Warm up: 10 minutes easy, 5 minutes with 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy, 5 minutes easy
Main set: 30 minutes ( 3 x (7 minutes Big Gear (low cadence) hard, 3 minutes easy))
Cool down: 10 minutes

Workout #3- Brick session: Bike 40/Run 20
Warm up: 10 minutes
Main Set: 1 minute hard/1 minute easy
2 minutes hard/2 minutes easy
3 minutes hard/3 minutes easy
4 minutes hard/4 minutes easy
5 minutes hard/5 minutes easy
1k easy/ 2k fast/ 1k easy (do 3k fast if you are super quick 🙂
5 minutes easy/ 10 minutes hard/ 5 minutes easy