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2,000m of strength: Short, but effective

This strength-based swim workout is short, but great to incorporate into your training program.

As we prepare for the new season, this strength-based based swim workout is great to incorporate into your training program. It’s 2,000m with the option of tagging on longer if you have the time. Though it may be short, it is effective. The main purpose of this swim workout is to concentrate on your pull while also keeping a good body position.

— by Lauren Brandon


  • 400 (alternate 50 swim/50 kick) choice

Main Set

  • 3×100 free with paddles* – perfect stroke easy with 10 seconds rest
  • 100 easy backstroke
  • 3x 100 free with paddles* – medium pace with 10 seconds rest
  • 100 easy breaststroke
  • 3×100 free with paddles* – fast with 10 seconds rest
  • 100 easy choice

12x 25 with fins (4 fast kick/ 4 fast swim/ 4 fast kick) with 10 seconds rest

Cool Down

  • 100 easy

Total: 2000

*On your free with paddles – think about the following:

  • Rotate and reach forward with your hand
  • Engage your lat as you initiate your pull
  • Pop your elbow up and point your fingers towards the bottom of the pool during your pull
  • Push the water all the way back past your hip
  • Also keep your head still and look just slightly forward. When you turn your head to breathe, make sure you turn your head only to the side (don’t lift your head and look forward or back). You can think about keeping your bottom goggle underneath the water during your breath.