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10 sure signs you’re a seriously dedicated triathlete

Do you make the cut? Or are you, well, just somewhat serious about the sport?

So you’ve been swimming, biking and running for a while now. But are you really a “triathlete?” Here are 10 traits that will separate you from the wanna-be multisport enthusiasts and earn you a spot in the true triathlon ranks:

1)   You can change remarkably fast.

Whether it is in a mall change room or getting ready for a party, you often amaze your friends with your ability to transition from one outfit to the next.

2)   The idea of running without socks does not scare you.

Those who only run may look aghast at the idea of running without socks. Triathletes know how hard socks are to pull on wet feet.

3)   You have seen something at the bottom of a lake that you would rather forget about.

We know you don’t want to talk about it, that’s okay.

4)   When people ask whether you prefer exercising in the morning or the evening, your response is: “both.”

It mystifies you why people feel the need to categorize themselves as solely an A.M. or P.M. athlete.

5)   You have gone out in public with a number written down your arm or leg.

Permanent marker is the devil to get off. You don’t really mind your temporary tattoo though.

6)   You are willing to argue that it is not breakfast that is the most important meal of the day, but rather second breakfast (which occurs after your morning workout).

First breakfast is usually only a banana or some easily digestible snack. Second breakfast though – yum.

7)   You’re not afraid of commitment.

Triathlon is a sport that will kick your butt if you’re not willing to put in the training.

8)   You have experienced not only ‘runner’s high,’ but also ‘swimmer’s high’ and ‘cyclist’s high.’

You appreciate endorphins in all their shapes and sizes.

9)   Your workout wardrobe is almost as extensive as your regular one.

It has to be – no one wants to do laundry that frequently.

10) You’re always up for a challenge.

After crossing the finish line, your next thought is: “okay, what’s next?”