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10 emotional stages of going to the pool in the winter

Why, oh why, is getting to a swim workout such a struggle?

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It all seemed like such a great idea. Sign up for a masters swim session that runs three mornings a week. Swim with fellow triathletes with similar goals, and get that little push needed to improve you swim time. The first week wasn’t too bad. The second week became a bit more of a grind. Some mornings can be a bit of a struggle:

Stage 1: Alarm goes off.

The bed is way too cozy. Hit the snooze button

Stage 2: Alarm goes off again.

Think about the story you just read on overtraining and decide to take a break today. There was that huge training day on the weekend. Hit the snooze button again.

Stage 3: Alarm goes off the third time. 

Think about all the abuse the rest of the group is going to dole out for not showing up. To have a better swim at Ironman (add name) this year requires at least three solid swims in a week. It’s time to get up.

Stage 4: Coffee is on.

The coffee maker was set up last night – at least there’s a wake up jolt for the car.

Stage 5: Could this be a snow day? 

Get outside and see the car is covered in snow. Think about turning around because, for sure, the pool is going to be closed this morning. Suddenly there are vague memories of elementary school and the excitement of a snow day!

Stage 6: The parking lot is full.

Got to boogie to be on deck in time. Slip on ice running in to the building.

Stage 7: Phew – everyone else is tired. 

Everyone else looks half asleep – that’s a relief.

Stage 8: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …

OK, that countdown didn’t work. One more countdown and it’ll happen … hopefully. The water can’t be that cold, can it? Halfway through the next countdown the coach walks by and calls you a wimp.

Stage 9: This isn’t so bad.

This is turning out to be a great workout.

Stage 10: Set is done.

Why was this such a struggle?