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VIDEO: Racing at local triathlons

— by Daniel Clarke

After missing the MultiSport Canada Rose City Long Course Triathlon with bronchitis, I was excited to be racing Gravenhurst. It’s my favourite race on the circuit, and again this year it didn’t disappoint. I love the course, but even more, there’s a great community. You see it at all the MSC races, but it seems even more present at Gravenhurst. A lot of triathletes pick an Ironman or a 70.3, and that’s their focus and only race of the year, but I think when you do that you miss out on a lot that triathlon has to offer. If this is you, try adding a local race to your calendar. It can be a stepping stone to a bigger race, or a goal race on its own. And when you’re there, don’t just show up, race, and go home. Introduce yourself neighbours in transition, speak to the other athletes you finish with, and really embrace it. It won’t be like an Ironman event, but you might just find the sense of community I’m talking about.

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