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Video: 6 Minutes of hell. A look at Canada’s toughest triathlon

Recapping the toughest triathlon in Canada

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

It begins with a swim in Lac Megantic starting at 4:30 AM. Then there’s a 180 km bike that includes over 2,500 m of climbing, with hills so steep even the best cyclists are forced to weave back and forth. Then there’s a 42 km run that includes 1,200 m of elevation and finishes at the observatory at the top of Mont Megantic.

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It is the CanadaMan/ Woman Extreme Triathlon, all part of the Xtri World Series, and you can get a feel for the day thanks to this video provided by the race organizers.

CanadaMan Woman Lac M├ęgantic Xtri World tour 2022 highlights from Endurance Aventure on Vimeo.