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Triton Series set to launch in Portugal

New race series features three-day format with three-different race distances

Photo by: Triton

The new Triton World Series will get its start in 2022 in Portimao, Portugal, taking in the beautiful vistas of the Algarve region in south Portugal in early April, 2022. The Algarve is one of the sunniest regions in Europe, with 300 days of sun every year – that, coupled with the natural beauty of the area, makes it a popular tourist destination.

Now triathletes and swim, bike and run competitors will have a chance to compete in a three-day event that includes various distances. The three-day format sees the three-different distances for the swim take place on Friday, the bikes on Saturday and the run events on Sunday. There are three different lengths of races – short-, middle- and long-distance.

  • Short TRITON 1.5 km swim – 60 km bike – 12 km run
  • Middle TRITON 3.0 km swim – 90 km bike – 24 km run
  • Long TRITON 4.5 km swim – 120 km bike – 36 km run

Athletes can mix and match the distances they compete in, or participate in just one sport if they choose.

According to race organizers: Swims will take place just 5 km from Portimão. The bike course is draft legal so no TT bikes are allowed, and will start and finish with a lap inside of one of Europe’s best racing tracks, the Portimao Race track and will feature a climb to the Foia at almost 1.000 meters high with some challenging inclines. The run will start in Portimão and go over the spectacular “Arribas”(cliffs) and “passadiços de madeira” (wooden beach walkway) so it will make for a truly unique experience. All event courses are in a circuit format of one, two or three laps, depending on the distance chosen, making it extremely spectator and support friendly.

You can find out more about the new event series here.