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The data behind the Zwift Tri Battle Royale world record

What do you have to average and how many watts do you have to push to go 7:27

Photo by: Photo: Moritz Sonntag/ tri-battle.com

We’re used to seeing lots of stats from Lionel Sanders after his big races, but we don’t often see a lot of info from Jan Frodeno. That’s changed after the recent Tri Battle Royale, where Frodeno and Sanders competed in a one-on-one race over a speedy course in Allgau, Germany. Despite the rainy, cool conditions, Frodeno was able to best his previous full-distance world record set at Challenge Roth (7:35:39), going 7:27:53. That effort came despite a brutal fall at the end of the first lap of the run, too.


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Sanders’ 7:43:28 was also a personal best.

Photo: Moritz Sonntag/ tri-battle.com

More stats:

Swim: Frodeno averaged 1:12 for the 3.8 km swim, staring the first of four laps averaging 1:13/ 100m, then moving down to 1:12s for the next two laps, and finishing at 1:11/ 100m.

Bike: Frodeno averaged 45.91 km/ h for the entire bike ride. Over the five laps his fastest was the first lap, where he averaged 46.9 km/h. The next was 46.2, followed by 45.8, 45.4 and 44.7. One wonders how much the rain affected those splits, too.

In terms of power, Frodeno averaged 305 watts, while Sanders averaged 312 watts. Frodeno appears to be able to hold a more aero position on the bike – he averaged 7 watts less and went 3:55:22 to Sanders’ 4:00:26.

Run: After the blistering bike ride, Frodeno “only” had to run a 2:51 marathon to set a new record. As mentioned he went down hard at the end of the first lap of the run, where he averaged 3:42/ km. After the fall he averaged 3:48/ km for the second lap, 3:55/km for the third and then 4:09/ km for the final lap of the run.