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Taking the perfect race day selfie

A great race day selfie will tell a story about the experience you had at the event. The most relevant information is what the race was, where it was, the date, who was there and the outcome of the day. In order to capture everything about the day into one handheld photo, consider the following guidelines.

mel selfie

Who was there?
Include yourself (of course-it is a selfie) and the key protagonists who contributed to your adventure. Did you plan to do the 5km run race with your bestie? Make sure he/she is in it. Did your coach or family come to watch you do your first triathlon? Make sure they are photobombing in the background. If you place yourself in the foreground of the photo, but lower than the subjects in the background, you will find you can fan out the crowd and capture more behind you. Take multiple photos since inevitably someone will have their eyes closed, tongue out, or head moving in one or more shots.

Where is it?
Most races have a very illustrative finish line that can neatly outline what the race was, where it took place and the date. Finding a way to selfie in the finish line area takes care of all of those important details, so search that out as your primary location target. Alternatively, a fun tourist sculpture, sign that is placed at the venue to promote the region, or a famous landmark that gives away the venue. Holding a sign that says “#Beastmode 2015 Grouse Grind Champions!” will work if you are relegated to the parking lot.

mel and mags
Why do you want to remember it?

Your race day selfie will sum up the day based on your expression. Was it the best day, ever? Make it show with a megawatt smile from ear to ear holding up the Prosecco. Was it a disaster- but you managed to salvage the day with some last minute MacGyver skills? Show a thumbs up and some duct tape. If you ended up winning your age group, make sure your medal is visible. This is the time to commemorate the day with some great props that help to flesh out the story.

In summary, a race day selfie can essentially eliminate the need for any further explanation if it contains all of the relevant information. For those of us who feel like some races don’t need a blog post, only an exceptionally illustrative selfie, adhering to the above guidelines can save a lot of typing and be worth those 1000 words.