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Revolution3 Triathlon, Cedar Point

Rev3 Cedar Point takes place in one of the best amusement parks in the world.

One of the perks of torturing my body for 140.6 miles is choosing a spectacular destination location that might minimize the pain of the day. When my husband suggested we head to Sandusky, Ohio for the Rev3 Cedar Point Long Distance event, it would be a huge understatement to say I was reluctant. I humbly admit I agreed only because he grew up in Ohio and this trip was an opportunity for him to take me on a trip down memory lane. This was a destination location of a different kind.

Located on a peninsula of Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio, Rev3 Cedar Point takes place in an amusement park that has been voted one of the best in the world. Spanning 364 acres, Cedar Point has 75 rides, including 17 roller coasters, a water park, a challenge park and children’s rides. For the non-thrill seekers in your clan, you are just steps away from the beaches of Lake Erie where you can kick off your shoes and relax.

And So It Begins
Getting to the venue was pretty easy. We chose to f ly into Cleveland, but athletes we spoke to had f lown into Toledo or Chicago and their travels were effortless as well. Not knowing what to expect to find in Sandusky, we mapped out a few key stops at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods before leaving Cleveland and bought some of the specialty items to hold us over.

This race comes at the end of Cedar Point’s tourist season, so placing the event in the park helps to extend the season for one week. I was amazed how many of the folks working at the hotels and restaurants in the park thanked us for being there because they had a job for one more week. Every person we interacted with was kind, helpful and genuinely excited to have this event in his or her community. When we left the park to shop, eat or train on the course, the residents were simply fabulous. I have to say it was quite a kick to have tractors pull up next to me at a stop light while on my training rides. The quaint town of Sandusky was the biggest surprise of all. The markets had everything from organic produce to gluten-free food options and we found three restaurants with gluten-free menus. Although there are several big box names in the area, we found ourselves drawn to the more local mom-and-pop type shops for our daily needs.