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Gifts To Get The Triathlete In Your Life Who Has Everything



Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m probably the hardest to buy for at Christmas or on my Birthday. I’ve got everything I could ever ask for and really don’t need much stuff in my life that isn’t swimming, biking, or running related. I’ve got all the gear I could ever need and to be honest, I wouldn’t really want someone else to be buying me chamois butter… So here are a few things that I’ve received that were really meaningful and/or out of the box.

A Good Pair of Running Gloves

Lots of runners make due with cheap cotton gloves from the dollar store but once you wear a pair of good quality running loves, you’ll never go back! My personal favourite are the PR Shelter Glove from Asics.

Trigger Point GRID Roller
Most already have a foam roller, but the Trigger GRID Point is an upgrade worth having. The high-density foam and ridges allow you to massage deeper and recover faster. Be forewarned: this product will bring you to tears! But they are the good, “no pain, no gain” kind of tears. The Trigger Point GRID is also great for travelling as it’s both compact and hollow (think gel protector).

Massage Gift Card
Every triathlete can use, and appreciate, a good massage. However, for most triathlete’s that I know (including myself) we’d prefer to put our money towards gear and races, which makes it a perfect gift.  Word of advice: stick to a sports massage and steer clear of the heated rocks and scented candles nonsense.

Tri Swim Shampoo + Conditioner
Tri Swim is specifically formulated to remove chlorine, bromine and salt water. If the gift is for your significant other, you might benefit from the lack of chlorine-odor more than they do!

Custom Racing Kit
Although a little late to get something like this for this year, this is a great gift to start working on throughout the year. Champion Systems do awesome (and super comfortable) racing kits and training gear. I have loved wearing their product this past season! Their website and design site is super user friendly and straightforward. Give yourself a couple of months to get the design finalized and production rolling but I can guarantee you that this would be a huge hit for any weekend warrior!

IMG_20141213_211720565Custom Bike Stickers
The easiest way to make a bike look like it belongs on the pro rack is Custom Bike Stickers. Names, Nicknames, twitter handles or country flags. It is the coolest way to trick out your bike since putting a baseball card in your spokes.
The Dong Bang Cupping Set
This is a little funky, but useful nonetheless. The cups are great at separating skin, subcutaneous fat, fascia and muscle and are thus, awesome for enhancing recovery. Just beware; when you show up at the pool the next morning, your friends will think an Octopus has attacked you.