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Canada Triathlon Trivia: Ironman Canada Penticton edition

Round 3 of our trivia contest focuses on the popular event in B.C.'s Okanagan Valley

One of the oldest Ironman qualifying races in the world, Ironman Canada was held in Penticton until 2012 before moving to Whistler. The race was supposed to return to the Okanagan Valley this summer, but that will have to wait a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s trivia test challenges your Pentiction race history knowledge!

1) Who is the only dentist to win Ironman Canada?

a) Tom Evans

b) Dave Kirk

c) Simon Whitfield

d) Trevor Wurtele

2) Who was the only pro male to win the race three times in a row?

a) Peter Reid

b) Mark Bates

c) Ray Browning

d) Scott Tinley

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3) Who held the female pro bike course record for 16 years 1992-2008? (Bonus if you can name the person who broke the record and what year.)

a) Julianne White

b) Lisa Bentley

c) Lori Bowden

d) Daniela Ryf

4) What pros won Ironman Canada and went on to win the Ironman World Championship the same year?

a) Erin Baker

b) Paula Newby Fraser

c) Lori Bowden

d) Peter Reid

e) All of the above

You’ll find the answers under the photos below.

Lisa Bentley (right) and Lori Bowden during the run as part of Team Fraser’s relay team at the 2012 Subaru Ironman Canada. (Photo: David McColm)
Sister Madonna Buder wins the Women 75+ age division at Ironman Canada 2012


  • a) As an added bonus, he’s also a Penticton native
  • c)
  • a) 4:59:01 in 1992/ Belinda Granger 2008
  • e) 1990, 1996, 1999, 2000