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Blummenfelt blasts past Sub7 with 6:44

Norwegian’s winning run continues as he breaks the 7-hour barrier for the full-distance

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

Is there anything Norway’s Kristian Blummenfelt can’t do? Last summer there was an Olympic gold medal. Then, in the fall, came a 7:21 Ironman win in Cozumel. Last month he took the Ironman World Championship St. George, then today he blasted by the seven hour barrier for a full-distance race to top the Sub7 Project.

Blummenfelt was a bit slower in the water than he had hoped, apparently slowed by a headwind and current, but still finished the swim in 48:21. He then followed his pace team to a 3:24:22 bike split (52.8 km/ h), then followed that up with a 2:30:50 marathon – an impressive 3:34/ km average. That game him an overall time of 6:44:25.

“That was tough – even sitting back there on the bike, the guys were pushing so hard,” Blummenfelt said after the event. “It has been two years of planning. It’s all crucial to get a dialled in team. The team put together a great performance.”

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After replacing Alistair Brownlee at the last minute, Great Britain’s Joe Skipper put together an impressive performance. He started the day with a 53:24 swim, then blasted by Blummenfelt on the bike thanks to a 3:16:42 bike split (55 km/ hour), well ahead of the seemingly outrageous goal time Skipper had of 3:20. A 2:36:43 marathon meant that Skipper was also well under the seven-hour barrier with his 6:47:36 time.

The times from today’s events won’t be considered world best times because the athletes were paced, but organizers will no-doubt consider the event to be a success as all four athletes managed to break the goal times of seven and eight hours.