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Bike Course Changes for the 2019 Rose City Triathlon

The Rose City Triathlon kicks off the Multisport Canada Series in 2019 on June 22 & 23.  

— by Daniel Clarke

If you’re racing the long course triathlon on Saturday, there’s been some changes to the bike course you’re going to want to be aware of due to the Dain City Bridge being demolished. 1.4K into the bike course, you will turn right onto the fitness path from Canal Bank Street to Colborne Street.  You will also take this fitness path towards the end of the bike just before you return to the Welland International Flatwater Centre. The fitness path is narrow, and there are bollards at the entrance, so MSC will ensure that there is traffic management, a marshal, and traffic cones, but it will still be important to be award in the section.  The entire fitness path will be deemed a no passing zone. It will be important that all athletes listen to the pre-race briefing for any last minute announcements.

Rose City Triathlon race website: https://multisportcanada.com/welland/

You can find a map of the bike course here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30113119

You can find information about the demolition of the Dane City bridge here: https://multisportcanada.com/tri/forks-rd-bridge-to-be-demolished-updates-to-welland-and-barrelman-bike-courses-as-a-result/

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