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An Ironman World Championship in St. George is tough. Really, really tough

Just ask the pros - this was hardly a race for the faint of heart

“That run … absolutely savage,” said Great Britain’s Ruth Astle after her fifth-place finish. “There’s nothing to describe that run after that kind of a bike.”

Ruth Astle starts the run.

“I thought I bonked maybe five times (on the bike),” said 2019 Kona champ Anne Haug, who had to do her post-race interview from the ground after crossing the finish line. “How could I do a marathon after that? The run was a really struggle.”

Anne Haug in the finishing chute

“I am not sure I ever want to do that again,” said women’s champion Daniela Ryf. “The wind constantly changed – it was a mental challenge out there.”

Yeah, we think she might want to do it again …

“My legs have never been so sore after an Ironman,” Ryf continued.

“The course was made for an honest, demanding race,” said Germany’s Florian Angert. “The weather conditions made it even harder.”

Florian Angert leads the race up through Snow Canyon

“You keep thinking that you are out of your limit, and you kept hearing that you were losing time,” said Chris Leiferman, who finished fifth. “St. George did not disappoint – this was hard. I knew that this was a strong man’s course.”