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The 10 songs you’ll hear at every start line

Whether you’re shaking out trained and toned limbs, ready to chase a PB, or quaking in the shoes that you probably should have run a few more Ks in, everyone is nervous at the start line of a race. For the comfort of their twitching mass of nervous human energy, it would seem as though a few years ago, a playlist was agreed upon by all race directors. Here are the songs you’re pretty much guaranteed to hear at every start line. Warning: listening to this list may leave one with the intense desire to get up and pound some pavement.

1) This is always the first running song to come to mind, even though it has nothing to do with running

2) Poignant if you haven’t studied the course map the night before

3) This one reminds you to be realistic about your goal time

4) This one was probably brings back fond (horrible?) memories of your first Grade 9 beep test

5) For getting psyched up to run in slow motion on the beach

6) A bit of cheesey, literature-inspired metal always gets the blood flowing

7) It’s probably not actually a great idea to kick off your Sunday shoes

8) This one is as close as it gets to a running love song

9) Running a marathon… let’s get stupid!

10) The “final count down” Get it? GET IT?