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Quirky tips for cleaning your training gear


-By Caela Fenton


Hang it up

Hang your clothes immediately upon returning from your run, even if you’re planning to wash them. If sweaty clothing is left dumped in a pile, it can promote the growth of bacteria and mildew, which thrive in moist environments. Gross.

Wash your hat (but not in the washing machine…)

Ever think, ‘hey, I should really wash the baseball cap that I run in,’ but don’t know how? It may lose shape if you put it in the washing machine but will retain its form if you wash it in the dishwasher.

Go with the flow

This may be the most basic thing to do, but probably has never crossed most of our minds. Your shoes will smell less if you loosen the laces and pull out the tongue for the maximum amount of exposure to air.

water bottleDon’t forget about your bottles

Does your water bottle have a funky smell? Try filling it with a mixture that is half water, half vinegar and leaving it overnight. This is an eco-friendly and safe way to eradicate bacteria and any beginnings of mould.

Avoid the shoe dog-pile

Don’t pile all your shoes in a heap – they’re just going to rub smells off on each other.


Sweat-wicking doesn’t always mean stink-proof

Ever find that your technical shirts smell like sweat, even after a wash? Sweat-wicking fibres can sometimes trap bacteria that is hard to shake, if through a round on the spin cycle. Try soaking stinky gear in a mixture of water and baking soda prior to washing to remove the unpleasant odour.

Keep your bag fresh

Sticking a dryer sheet in your gym bag is an easy way to prevent stink-overload.

Keep it chill

Your workout gear will last longer if you wash it in cold water. As an added bonus, it’s better for the environment.

Clothesline it

Air dry when you can. Sometimes the high heat of the dryer can reduce the sweat-wicking properties of technical fibres. Another win for the environment! Plus, having running clothes that smell like the outdoors seems appropriate, doesn’t it?