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My Coworkers Think I’m a Pro

A look at the lighter side of being a triathlete

As a triathlete do you need a break from all things COVID-19 and enjoy some laughs along the way? Pick up Brock Gibb’s, My Coworkers Think I’m a Pro. It is the farthest thing from a how-to manual on becoming a good triathlete and a refreshing change from the countless dry books written about triathlon training. Gibbs, a high school education teacher from Montreal, has a gift for telling stories and reading his book made me step back and reflect on the lighter side of being a triathlete.

Readers would be hard pressed not to be able to relate to some of his tales, which he describes in a funny and touching way, all while never taking himself too seriously.

In the end, the book provides a resonating message from Gibbs about balance: “In order to be successful at both triathlon and life, regardless of what those two things mean to you, a balance that keeps you engaged, excited, content, curious and challenged must be found. This needs to be accomplished while remaining mindful of the importance of the people around you that make it all possible.”

Don’t let the humour fool you – Gibbs has managed two top-10 finishes at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships, achieved Ironman All World Athlete status for his exploits and now represents Watttie Ink’s age-group Elite Squad.

My Coworkers Think I’m A Pro: Musings Of An Age Group Triathlete

Published, May, 2020

Bottom Bracket Books

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