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Lucy Charles-Barclay out with stress fracture

2022 season "on pause" - defending 70.3 world champion will miss May Ironman world championship and Sub8 project

Photo by: Cube bicycles

Great Britain’s Lucy Charles-Barclay, the reigning Ironman 70.3 world champion and one of the pre-race favourites for the upcoming Ironman World Championship in St. George, says her 2022 season is “on pause” thanks to a stress fracture in her left hip.


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In a video posted on her YouTube channel, Charles-Barclay revealed that she had a bone scan revealed “a fracture in the cortical region of her bone and a large amount of edema in the femoral neck.” She’s waiting to learn exactly what sort of training she might be able to do while the bone heals. She’s also not sure how long it will take to recovery – it could be anywhere from four weeks to four months.

“I feel like I’ve come from the highest of highs in my career so far to literally the lowest of lows,” she said.

One of the biggest challenges for Charles-Barclay is that she’ll have to “sit still” as much as possible, something she’s always struggled with.

Charles-Barclay had a huge year planned this year, including both Ironman World Championship races (Utah in May, Kona in October), the Sub8 project (June), the PTO Tour events and Collins Cup and a defence of her 70.3 world title in October. The worlds in Utah and the Sub8 project are definitely out of the plan, and she’ll have to wait and see what other races might be possible later this year.