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Looking for love in T2? Check out TriathlonDating.com

According to Facebook analytics, there are 1.2 million triathletes in the US, UK and Canada with a relationship status of 'Single.'

The site says it all: “There are 4 million triathletes in the world. Find your 1 in 4 million today!”

Joel Larson couldn’t help but notice there were a lot of couples in his triathlon club in Bentonville, Arkansas. During a conversation about one of triathlon’s most famous couples, Tim O’Donnell and Mirinda Carfrae, someone from the group said “I wish there was a dating site for triathletes!”

That got Larson thinking. A quick google search showed there wasn’t a triathlon-specific dating site.

“According to Facebook analytics, there are 1.2 million triathletes in the US, UK and Canada with a relationship status of ‘Single,'” Larson says. “So, with a market that size and a need, I decided to start the site.”

I am guessing I am not the only one wondering whether or not Larson himself was looking for a partner.

“No, I am not single and hopefully I can help many other triathletes get that way as well!” he says.

And, to answer your next question, no, he didn’t meet his wife through the sport – they met through school.

“I got hooked on triathlons when I joined the San Diego Triathlon Club in 2010,” Larson says. Right now he’s training for Ironman Florida in November and is all-too-aware of “the advantages of having [a partner] who understands what goes into training for a triathlon.”

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TriathlonDating.com has only been going for a few days (it launched on Sunday, June 14), so numbers remain low – (during the time it’s taken for me to write this article the site has gone from 126 to 131 members.) Matches come through a weighted point system to “calculate a Compatibility Score from 0-100%” – your 5 km run pace ranks for 4 points, for example, while religion and “do you want kids someday” rank 5 points on the scale.  Members can utilize the privacy setting in their profile “so they can choose at what level they want to share their profile,” Larson says.

The site got a boost a few days ago when Canadian pro Angela Naeth posted about it on her Facebook page – “Different post to say the least but, my friend started a new dating app for triathletes,” Naeth wrote. “I’ve personally never used one but I have friends who have. I’m taken, but perhaps something for others to try?! 😊. (Boyfriend not the one pictured, ha). Check out www.TriathlonDating.com! @triathlondating! #triathlon #dating 😉”

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Athletes in the hunt for the love of their life can join the site for free and “use almost all of the features,” Larson says. “However, to send a message to someone, you need to upgrade to the Monthly Plan, which is $9.99 USD per month.”

With free dating sites such as Grindr, Tinder or Bumble out there, we’ll have to see if TriathlonDating.com can make a go of matching triathletes in the future.