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Jewett wins Julie Moss award for courageous performance at Collins Cup

Collins Cup rookie earns prestigious award won by Lionel Sanders last year

Photo by: Professional Triathletes Organisation

The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) has awarded Canada’s Tamara Jewett and Australian Max Neumann the Julie Moss Award “for their courageous performances at the Collins Cup.”

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The award is named after Julie Moss, who famously collapsed just short of the finish line at the 1982 Ironman World Championship and crawled across the finish line. Her performance “has come to signify the indomitable spirit of triathlon,” the PTO stated in a release today. “In many ways she is the inspiration of the PTO’s motto, “Dum Spiro Spero,” which means “Whilst I breath, I hope.”

Last year the award was given to Lionel Sanders and Holly Lawrence.

Photo: PTO

According to the PTO:

Tamara Jewett was a rookie at this year’s Collins Cup. Just being able to qualify for Team International was an act of courage as she was hospitalised in February after a bike accident. She then went toe-to-toe with Team Europe’s Anne Haug, PTO World #1. Tamara had the second fastest run of the day, and not only scored 2-1/2 points for Team International, but her gusty performance denied Haug any bonus points.

Meanwhile, Jewett’s Team International compatriot, Max Neumann, led his match out of the water only to suffer debilitating cramps on the bike, ruining any chance for him to win his match. Despite being far behind exiting T2, Newmann rallied and persevered to produce the third fastest run of day, denying Team US vital bonus points – helping Team International avoid the Broken Spokes Trophy.

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