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Canadian Trivia Contest – Part 2: ITU World Championship special

Day 2 of our Triathlon Trivia contest focuses on Canadian performances at the ITU World Championships

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

We continue to celebrate Canada Day (week) with our Canadian Trivia Contest. Today, as promised, we’re focused on Canada’s ITU world championship history.

Missed Day 1? You’ll find it here.

1) Who was the first Canadian to win the ITU Triathlon World Championship (elite)?

Bonus: What year did that happen?


2) Three Canadian women have finished on the podium for the elite race at the standard distance ITU Triathlon World Championship or Grand Final. Who are they?

Bonus: What years?

Bonus 2: What year did Canada win gold and silver?


3) What Canadian cities have hosted the Standard Distance ITU Triathlon World Championship?

Bonus: What years?


4) Name the only Canadian who has won the ITU Long-distance World Championship?

Bonus 1: What year?

Bonus 2: Where did the championship take place?


5) Canada has had three athletes finish on the podium at the ITU Long-distance world championship. Can you name them?

Bonus: What place did they finish?

Bonus 2: What year?


6) Who was the Canadian credited with the creation of the International Triathlon Union?

Bonus: How many times did he win his age group at the Ironman World Championship?


Click on the link below for today’s answers!

Canadian Triathlon Trivia Day 2 Answers