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A chat with Trevor Wurtele ahead of IRONMAN Canada

Winner of the inaugural IRONMAN Canada race in Whistler, Trevor Wurtele is back and ready to go this weekend

Ahead of Trevor Wurtele’s seventh IRONMAN Canada start as a professional triathlete, we were able to chat with him about his season so far and objectives ahead of this weekend’s race. Wurtele got his first professional season underway in 2008 and since then he and his wife, Heather Wurtele, haven’t looked back.

Trevor Wurtele. Credit: Julien Heon

TMC: So, Trevor the season so far, how has it gone in your eyes? You’ve got a few top tens and a couple of top fives this year. Briefly share with us your thoughts.

So far, the big results haven’t really come. Racing in Europe, I didn’t get those high results in the half distance. In Belgium, I felt pretty good but was just a bit short.

And then in St.George and Texas (IRONMAN 70.3), I was feeling pretty good on the day, but it’s just so competitive on the 70.3 circuit. If you aren’t at your best it’s tough to get a high result.

TMC: Along those lines, do you have a preference in your race selection; half vs full triathlons?

It changes. After Kona 2016 I dreaded doing an IRONMAN, it just took so much out of me physically and mentally. So, in 2017 I focused on 70.3 races and really enjoyed that and did well.

But, this winter I just wasn’t able to hit those high power numbers. I also felt the urge to do an IRONMAN again and turned my focus to Whistler. My goal throughout this season has been to build towards the end of July for this race. After Europe, I went into a big training block, I upped the training and made gains in fitness. I am feeling strong and very prepared for this weekend.

IRONMAN Canada in Whistler, BC.

TMC: Looking at your past results at IRONMAN Canada, you seem to have had a lot of success here. Why is that?

Yes, I have had some good results here, winning in 2013, a fourth in 2014 and a third in 2016. I like the harder IRONMAN courses with variability in the terrain. It makes it more exciting and suits my strengths.

This is also the ideal time to do a full triathlon. It is later in the season, giving yourself time to build throughout the early part of the year.

IRONMAN Canada was also one of the first triathlons I ever did.

TMC: Here is the big question. You have mentioned it earlier; you feel good and ready, what do you expect this weekend?

Well, I am certainly fit. There are some big names here this weekend, with Marino Vanhoenacker and Brent McMahon on the start list. If they are fit and on their A game come Sunday, they will be tough to beat.

Then there is a group of about ten contenders, which on any given day can challenge for a top three/five finish. With such a competitive field the racing will be exciting, and I’m looking forward to giving it my best shot.